Hamburg based photographer Nina Struve is curious. How do people furnish their flats? How do they feel cosy? How do they live?
Due to this curiosity Ninas focus is on interior, people, stills and food. She proves her attentions, her taste and the touch for that
right moment, for the native mood of people, buildings and apartments and catches this mood in her pictures. Nice things are
presented in a harmonic and well balanced way. Studio or on location: her images always have this daylight vibe.

Architektur & Wohnen, Baby & Familie, Barbara, Beef, Brigitte, Clever Fit, Couch, Creation Baumann, E15, Engel & Völkers
Fährhaus Sylt, Ferreo, GateGourmet, Gärtner Möbel, Grotheer Architektur, Grund Genug, Haspa Magazin, Henkell, Hotel Wedina, Hygge Restaurant, Ikea,Jan Wichers, Jahnke, Krause Schreck Partnerschaft, Kunstkopie, Landhaus Flottbek, Living at Home,Mini, Namine Witt, Outdoorchef, Perle, Poster XXL, Rotkäppchen, Salon, Schöner Wohnen, Shell Hamburg, Studio Besau Marguerre, Swarovski, Tchibo, Thalia, Vrai Innenarchitektur, Weekender, Wmf...